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My name is Samira Mellenbergh and I’m one hell of a Tech savy. Or am I? Yes, I’m a gadget freak because the nerd in me thinks it’s cool, I do like (fast) cars and everything in my home is (Apple) connected. My family and friends think I do rocket science, but actually my customers are the smart ones doing research and giving back to the community. I like to believe that I contribute to making the world more intelligent – together with everyone around me, including you.

Yes, even you! You are generating lots of data (think of all devices you are using that are “connected”) that we can derive valuable insights from to learn and improve services and products all around the world serving your individual needs. Fascinating, right?

This blog will be all about sharing my personal experiences in the Tech industry to make you just as enthusiastic as I am – hoping I get to meet you in the industry soon.

Curious to know more about having a commercial role (sales or marketing) in Tech? Need a commercial speaker to share her IT/Tech story? Or just want to get in touch? Connect with me on social media, drop me a message and enjoy reading!


— Samira


NAME: Samira Mellenbergh
LOCATION: Amsterdam
JOB: Account Executive – Salesforce.org
PASSION: Food, Travel and Tech

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